Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bumbo Babysitter for Adam.

This award winning infant chair, Bumbo Babysitter is highly recommended to mother in the globe. It is most likely love at the first sight for me. Yeay! After discussions with Azuar besides I do product research, I attempt to buy this seater for my little guy.

Mummy, I'm talking to you!

I enjoy playing toys with you darling.

Mummy, I can see both of you are eating!

He loves to sit in and keep turning his head right and left. Mummy knows you are over excited to see the world rather than lying on the matress. Kan, sayang kan?. I sit him down while I'm preparing his milk and concentrating on housechores. Rather than that, I can sit him in it and play toys with him or read a book to him. It is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. What a good invention!

You can use this product when your baby is good in head control. The seater is fully support your baby posture. Your baby will enjoy it. It is like a little practise before they can sit by themselve. It is kind of pricy, but it worth for every penny. I will keep the box since I have an intention to sell it at affordable price in the future. But now, I'm happy to see him sitting like a little boss.


fifie_fairuz.. said...

mahirah, u beli kat mane seat tu? nice la...

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

fifi, I bought it at . Tapi terus pergi kedai direct. Kat mothercare ada tapi mahal kebabom..

Baby seronok duduk dalam tu, asyik menoleh aje and suka tengok kita buat apa.


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