Friday, October 9, 2009

My emotion

It was a shocked, when i knew my classmate was in her 5months of pregnancy. Still slim and even i cant notice her tummy. The Iranian lady is going to defer her study for next sem and I'm sticking on my decision to just go through the next sem since Insyaallah i'm going to deliver our pride and joy during sem break. The Iranian said my baby will be Made in Malaysia. She seems like me, she's too excited with her first pregnancy.Hahahaha. Enough bout that.

This morning, I'm attended a seminar by a Prof and an editor for top-class ranked journal. How I feel too small in knowledge about writting. I felt empty or it can be said, as zero. Dari I tak pernah jumpa student lain, so, the seminar is likes a gathering for post-grads students. Everybody keep asking, "How's your thesis?, when is your proposal defence?" and all sorts of questions that i cant answer on the spot. I takut. I feel like i was leave behind and now, I'm already in my 2nd sem and still confusing about my objectives of study. My scholarship will be end up on Dec 2011, and I'm not so sure what's going happen to me.

Hah kan dah takut. I hope I can have a miracle likes what was happen to my research during my Master. I did my research only just a month before the submission date. It was lucky when I got A+ from both first and second readers. Supervisor texted me the result on early morning of Saturday, he surprised. Talking about that, I macam down bila laptop dan bag laptop kena curi, when u put everything in it includes your journals, articles, softcopy, pendrive and etc. Bila hilang, terus terkesima, and down all day long when I had nothing in my hands. So the next day I woke up with motivations, I just memorize everything and did regression again on my data and I did all out for just a month. Allah listens our pray if kita pun berusaha. But lucky sides not always yours.

My permanent place during working hours.

Lucky sides not always yours. I'm on my way. Introduction, literature review......

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