Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Postpone yeah..for the bright side

Again..ADVANCED MICROECONOMIC THEORY subject is postpone to the next week, means i still have extra days for my presentation preparation. Actually risau sangat, sebab I nak challenge myself in class to present my own proposal of my research. Lecturer cakap it's doesnt matter if you take any journal and present in class, but i think twicely in bright side. At least I do preparation for my own proposal in advance that supposely to present in 3rd sem(may be). Kalau buat macam ni, lagi lah I beria bekerja in advance dan bersungguh-sungguh.

I cant wait to hear any responds from my classmates, so that I can improve my research, and do some top up here and there. Obviously the comments mostly likes torpedo in class, since they're also lecturers who further PhD too..Suka la nak mengomen bila kawan-kawan present. Sampai ada presenter cakap last week, guys, do comment my research please....But for me, my self, I diam je kot dan tersipu malu after habis present dan nak cakap "Thank you for lending me you ears"....heheheheh..Ok abaikan, presentation dah postpone, so I'm gonna meet more more my lovey dovey Prof for consultation.

By the way, I have a sick hubby here who laying on toto since morning. Dapat MC 2 hari. Tengok orang sakit tak larat nak naik atas, bentang toto depan TV ,terus tertidur. Pagi tadi macam Superwoman drove here and there to settle everything, pergi hospital, pergi UPM dan macam-macam, but end up also laying on toto sleep beside a sick hubby.

I nak cakap ni, sejak almost 5months kahwin ni, I baru perasan my other half cepat sangat demam and he's too sensitive with environment. Kalau ada musim demam, sure dia memang tersenarai sekali. I memang tak ada rekod demam lagi setakat ni, setakat flu tu ada sikit-sikit. Nampak tak that i'm more tough compared to my hubby? Mestilah...3x sehari I makan scott's emulsion. Tak tau addicted ke apa..

P/S: Dear, cepat la sembuh, I nak minta tolong u buatkan slide ni.

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