Friday, August 7, 2009

Help me please!

It's raining heavily outside since morning, indeed we're cold inside the house. My other half is getting better than yesterday, thank god. But he is still covering his body with the blue blanket while i'm sitting focusly do my research and luckily today, I got the data this morning. Still, it seems not sufficient since i'm using time series data, but I only got the data from 1997 to 2007. At least, I should have for 20 years, for economics analysis, how we cope with energy economics crisis...enough bout that Mahirah...

Hmmm...yesterday I met my Prof for weekly consultation as usual. I showed my derivation which I started with production function then end up with Marginal Rate Technical Substitution (MRTS) graph...ok ok ok, enough. I'm weak in mathematics since I leave it behind about a year ago. Not too weak, but I just can't remember everything. Maths is all about practising the theory and do lots of exercise. Frankly speaking, kalau zaman sekolah I top scorer Maths, bila degree boleh la tahan, bila Master suam-suam kuku, bila level Ph.D, gila argh diri macam siput *mamat sebelah terror bapak Maths la*.

So, in my case, how I build the theory or framework, it should come from maths derivation. Then I started to terkial-kial will all the Cobb Douglas function. First step, I pinjam semua buku Maths dari library and obviously i'm focussing on DIFFERENTIATION. I still remember if zaman sekolah, kita panggil Pembezaan that opposite to Pengamiran. I buat semua exercise.

Semalam jumpa Prof nak tanya pasal derivation yang rasa kalau publish journal, harap-harap concept tu betul. Then I showed one by one. Dia angguk-anguk cakap Good!. Tapi sampai satu part, when I explained I sebut,

(d ln C/G)/(d ln MRTS), jadi ln tu I sebut lah lon. Pastu my Prof cakap bukan lon tapi sebut log. I jadi macam agak terkesima, terus flashback zaman form4 dulu, cikgu add maths sebut lon. I kan confident cakap, "but Prof, is it lg, we called log, and ln we called lon". He denied. I pun diam la. Tapi end up dia cakap sama sahaja since, ln adalah logarithm neutral. I pun confuse. Kawan-kawan, mana satu ya? Since I nak present derivation, is it we called it lon or log for ln?.
Sila bantu saya. I know my Prof tu hebat, maybe kadang-kadang ada tersalah, so nak la juga confirmation.

Gila panjang entry pasal lon, log, ln, lg.....wawawahhhh..

P/s: By the way, we have instant daughter here. She's already 6years old. So tak ada la boring berdua sahaja, bila anak jiran datang rumah terus after balik dari kindergarten. She reminds me so much back to my kindergarten, when she asks me to sing along, Old McDonalds have a farm, iya iya o......row row your boat...!

Siap ada mask tu pergi Tadika Bintang Sayang..hehehehe..

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