Thursday, July 30, 2009

So random

Poor him... The other half is sick today, he got fever.

Hari ini UPM cuti for a week because of H1N1 cases..I'm just wondering, how the virus spread too fast until it comes to my uni...By the way, I'm quite happy for the bright side least I dah dapat tangguh my presentation that supposely today and I have a week extra for more more preparation. Eeee.... takut lah I for that ADVANCED MICROECONOMICS THEORY subject. The subject is killing me too much.

I'm still stick on my routine at home, I'm cooking, do laundry, houseworks, assignments, thesis etc.. What a busy day... Semalam tengok movie Harry Potter, it such a boring movie for me *mujur semalam tiket murah*.
Hari ini I rajin nak buat dessert. Angan-angan nak try buat Kuih Apam MASIH BELUM TERCAPAI LAGI. So, hari ni I buka fridge, I godek-godek apa yang ada dan fikir macam-macam nak buat. Since hubby is not feeling well, I should give him something that can give vitamins and good for his body condition. I pun buat ni............

Kiwi Pudding *rekaan sendiri*, at least it still have the taste of kiwi puree since I blend it.

Semalam I ternampak bunga dalam pot kecil sungguh comel, konon nak menghias atas shoe cabinet. So I paksa hubby beli.

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