Wednesday, February 18, 2009

two thumbs up

Yes no doubt..2 thumbs up for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE...i still cant believe that i watch Indian movie in cinema..*hahaha i laugh hard*..But seriously, i never ever wouldnt regret it after this ;D. Last evening, i asked MR.FIANCEE treated me for a good movie, as my dad suggested earlier to me, GENG PENGEMBARAAN BERMULA: UPIN & IPIN. So i said to MRFIANCEE, let's try for this new 3D animation..

As i arrived there, i switched the would be best to try that movie, while i'm straighly pointing at a poster ad hanging on the wall..It attracts me so much with some words ".......has been nominated for 10 Oscars including Best Picture...". 'Slumdog Millionaire', swept all the four categories it was nominated for in the Golden Globes- this is a sentence which is occur in my mind as i remember when i saw in a magazine few days ago. Let's the poster ad do the talking..

p/s: see.. it's 5 stars! (cite ni sgt best hoke!)

Their achievements!!! wow! wow! wow! *perempuan itu sungguh cantik*

A few scenes in this movie...

So i recommend, a movie-that-must-watch for this week..oowhh this movie it's not totally talking in Bahasa Tamil, they're using international language, as the director is Danny Boyle who is an English. If in Malaysia, it's like Sepet or Gubra, they're more using English language. But i really enjoy this movie, good shot, good sound, good script, good actor/actress, good message etc....bla bla bla...
p/s: saya berjanji akan menonton filem animasi pertama 3D buatan Malaysia itu pada masa akan datang ;D


biggirl said...

yes2, agree
slumdog milionare sgt best suke!!!

btw, sal dah send ps i love u tu kt email mama

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

Mama suka scune terjun dlm tahi tu..hahahaha

ok,skrang mata dah berpinar membaca novel di laptop

biggirl said...

hahaha part abhita bachaaaaannnn!!!!
huahuahua mmg x leh tahan


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