Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i wish...

I wish i dont have internet broadband or any internet connection in my house so that obviously i'm more concentrating on my research plans and my lovely thesis *damn -scratches my head-..more time on facebook, friendster, blog thingy, chatting, and reading other's unknown's blog*..please please no more wasting the time and clicking for unimportant/unproductive parts.

i'm not focussing on my tasks *i admit honestly*
where's my energy economics part?
yes...yes..i'm doing right now
but i'm just too slowly with my part *again i'm scratching my head..kruk..kruk*

The pictures describe everything, the unproductive of MISS MAHIRAH ;D
Let's pictures do the talking

p/s: it's just a list and a draft for Chapter 1, but zero outcome from me, least i've idea from my brain and i've something to answer confidently in front of my PROF *preparation*.

I'm not good in taking picture *pity me*

This is something about that i'm focussing for these 3 years and onwards.


I just upgrade the idea of my master thesis and convert it, to become more sensational for my Ph.D.. *i'm too lazy right?..i dont care as long as its totally and originally come from my brain*

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