Thursday, February 5, 2009

* yes ..we did it *

Again ouchh ouchh.. YES YES *a big scream* . Finally we get a medium sized double storey terrace house for our new phase of life in next month...What a great moment to share with MR.FIANCEE when everyone start deciding to stay together *hukum hidup berkahwin*. This is my very first step..MRFIANCEE managed to pay deposit, so it's mean he show his effort/commitment into that ways *yes yes darl..i see your commitment, a big thank u*.. The house seems too big for just 2 of us *i takut klau u pergi outstation, or i study mlm sorang2* with 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms.

So, yesterday i decided to fill in some thingy or sort of things for our very new house despite of depending too much on MR.FIANCEE buys all kind of, let's check out for our preparations;

MR.FIANCEE bought these things:

1. Deposit for the house

2. SAMSUNG fridge

3. ZANUSSI stove

4. SAMSUNG washing machine

5. thermos *this is a must to put in our room*

6. spoons and forks


p/s: sayang, i demand LCD/plasma TV *if ada rezeki lebih la*

A good step from him *clap clap to him*..Ouhhh...currently he put all this things at his aunt's house..*makcik, terima kasih kerana memberi pinjam space ittew*

This is a good part from myself.. i also put my effort into that way ;D..Then i bought;

1. TEFAL cookware

2. carpets

3. containers to put salt, sugar and etc

4. IKEA plates

5. brush

6. senduk, sudip and etc

7. chopping board

8. to be decide in future

p/s: can u see, i am more interested on kitchen stuffs? owhh ini semua MRFIANCEE yg upload pics..

See..see..kami sudah mahu berkahwin *a big grin on my face*


salmie said...

wow mama.. ade umah sdiri..bestnyerrrr
kt mane umah ni?

btw.nak tanye..mama wat master ngan phd under mende ekk?kpt ke?

lely yg baik atii said...

waa..lg advance dr kitorrang..
sayer mau bli umah jugakk..
mau ader umah sendiri jugak..
umt ader bg scholar utk wak master x?
mau blk dok ganuu laa

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

salmie: mana ada beli, just sewa sahaja dulu tp in future may be beli that house if rasa comfortable sbb dah janji dgn agent

mama study under grant supervisor, supervisor mama timbalan dekan yg byk lagi geran tak mama memperhabiskan duit dia.

lely: lely, smua ipta rasanya ada grant/ dorng ni iklan senyap2 je.. most probably students n org dalam la yg tau..or bole check through website.
klau UMT, kena jadi tutor dahulu or felo academic la..baru dpt sponsor blajar..sama shj dgn ipta lain..tryla apply

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

btw, skrng ni tempoh percubaan kami menetap di rumah itu..nak beli rush sgt la..nanti regret plak ;D

lily hilton said...

mane gambo umah tu??
nak tgk!!!

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

surprise! surprise!


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