Monday, February 23, 2009

i'm in the mood

Hey peeps out there, i'm in the mood of writing *wink*..Yess..i've been busy lately..handling my time, here and there...Moving to a new phase of life is a very stressful experience *yes i'm on the way*..Hmmm i can't imagine my life by 3weeks in future..i share everything with my love ones. Being together night and day can put a great excitement on relationship. *do i look too desperate?*

This month, i've my own exam, my student's exam, my thesis preparation and my wedding preparation..I've had a pretty hectic day *yawn*. I hope i still can be strong *pray hard*

Here, some of my my preparation, peeps u're most invited to my big day ;D

I'll wear this... *thanks to miss tailor*

Peeps, if u come, u'll get these ;D

...and many more...If you come to my big day, you're in for a few surprises *chehhhh*

I pray hard for my marriage to have the best possible chance of happiness. I love MR.FIANCE day in and day out ;D

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