Thursday, January 22, 2009

*we're still friends*

Question: who's your first person, then you make friend in kindergarten?

Answer: Nurhana bt Mohd Tajuddin (Ana) *i still can spell her name correctly*

Question: how do you meet her?

Answer: I'm not sure, but she's always with me in kindergarten.

Hmm..i know her since i was 6 years old, then we still can get along in primary school *1Merah-5Merah*.. In 1995, she moved to the UK, we lost contact, since then,yes definitely we lost contact *memorize mode*.

End of 2008

Mak: Tolong kemas bilik!

Me: Ok.. nanti la..

So i started to tidy/clean up my room from messy to classy, may i? *mesti boleh*

Then I found a letter from Middlesex and a book from Ana..Oh God i never replied it, please forgive me..Perhaps, i'm too young to appreciate a meaningful of friendship on that time, but i still feel guilty.. ya saya masih muda masa itu, jadi malas membalas surat. All of sudden, i've good intention to look for my very lost friend who teach me the meaning of friendship..*wah saya terus memasang niat untuk mencarinya*

There's questions in my head, is that she's still in the UK? how to reach her? how's she now? cantik? kurus? tinggi? so so many questions to figure out...Hmm..first step, i track down her name on facebook and friendster but the answer is "Your search returned zero results" *frustrated*. Then, I found her cousin on friendster, I asked him so many questions too. He didnt have the answers but he gave Ana's sis email *a clue*..He wish me all the best *macam jejak kasihan hoke*..saya meneruskan jua pencarian itu *dengan hati yang sgt bersemangat+membara*.

Without wasting the time, i emailed Eda Tajuddin *Ana's sis*, asking bout her sister. Thank god, she replied;

Hey,ye I am Nurhana's sister ,i don't think she goes on facebook much if u hav added her (she's in my contacts in case you havent) but she regularly checks her email so give it a try

hope it works, best of luck.


*A big hope for me*

December 2008

An email from Ana relieved the pain *ahaks*...She still staying in the UK *migrate*.We starts from zero to share everything, thanks to God she still remember me..We changed the pictures to describe everything, obviously she still slim, fair and still have the chinese look *saya masih ingat2 lupa*..

Then, a plan to meet up in July 2009, when she's in Malaysia..i can't wait to see her *so many stories to share*..Ana, I will help you to improve Bahasa *I promise i wouldnt laugh at you*

A good ending for 2008..So, who's your first friend back to the kindergarten?

This is my lovely friend.....

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