Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Story of us

I never expected it's too quick like this. But, the excitement is still there. I'm almost in 5weeks of pregnancy today. Yes, today. Azuar is the most happiest person in the world. But i keep saying to him, I dah start takut nak bersalin. Takut nak bersalin. I'm afraid of the pain to the deliver the baby.

I asked the doctor to calculate my due date. It's on 3rd of June 2010. Alhamdulillah, it's on my semester break, so I dont have any lectures, i'm free. Speaking about my symptoms, I dont have any yet. The doc asked me about morning sickness, I said I dont have yet. The doc asked me to wait for another 3weeks more, if I dont have, I'm lucky. It's should be easier for my studies too. The doc said, If tak ada morning sickness, may be i'm more emotional and sensitive. Might be, this is so true. I cry everyday, even I'm watching short advertisement on TV, and I can burst into tears.

I tak perasan I pregnant, I just check it at home when I miss my period this month. But I start noticed, when I gain weight, makan banyak-banyak, my heart beat kuatnya berdegup and my belly is adding 1 more inch. The hubby yang excited beli pregnancy test, if for me, I just wait for another few days, for period. When I saw the double line on the test, I was so so happy, and I cried. Hubby performed his sujud syukur. On the day, I dengar the hubby is crying bila dia berdoa. Dia tak perasan I'm at his back. From the earlier of our marriage, he asked the baby. I said i'm not ready. I used to plan everything. Dia selalu excited. I'm studying, and I always stuck with the studies.

So I just berdoa, minta I dapat scholarship for the PhD, and I got it. The best thing, I got the income too as a researcher here. I berdoa lagi, I nak tunaikan my hubby wish, but also I add, nak deliver baby time sem break sahaja. Allah listens my pray. Insyaallah it's may be on June. Last night, my first time ever I drank AnMum Materna and I took Folic Acid. The new journey has begun.

So, if I flash back, from the early of our marriage, there are so many obstacles for us. I keep on praying everyday.

Wah, semalam memang kelakar, when I met a doc in clinic UPM. I told to make UPT test again and I want a confirmation. Semalam puasa, I went to the clinic in evening, so it's totally exhausted for us. I cakap nak confirm dengan doctor pun muka sedih, I nak test secepat mungkin, but the doc suggested to wait another 2weeks more. But the doc ingat I nak get rid this baby, so awal-awal dia cakap clinic ni tak boleh buat, kena pergi private. May be muka I letih kot. Siap cakap it's haram in Islam, Allah knows the best and be strong. Both of us, tak ade lah tersengih or menyampuk, just dengar cakap apa. So semalam dapat la motivasi dari doctor. Dia cakap u keep this baby, you're so young. Allah knows the best. Insyaallah

I'm off to office. Yes, Allah knows the best. It's in my mind.


nazza_syikin said...

mama! congrates! i'm hepi for u! ma, doa2kan akak lak dpt baby yeh.. ne tau, kot2 masin mulut mama! nak amik berkat mama nih (berangan tgn sentuh perut mama) hihi! congrates again!!!

Ernest said...


siti norfatiha said...

mama!!congrates!..kami dah nak jadi aunt!!

missalongwani said...

mama....tahniah.....moga2 mendapat zuriat yg soleh @ solehah nanti yer....jg diri baik2 tau....

BigGirl said...

mama,,congrats again!

Ted said...

congrats!!!!aiii...takleh jadi ni.mesti kawen cept2.hehe


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