Thursday, July 9, 2009


Readers, the theme for this week is "Self Motivation for Puan Mahirah". I have open my eyes broadly, to keep reminding for those who support me behind, their sacrifices.

So, yesterday I had an appoinment with my Prof. I late for 30minutes. Blaming hubby for his fault. Hahahaha.. This is the time that i should show my work to my supervisor. As usual, Prof advises me here and there.

Look at my writing.

"Depletion itself is easy to grasp as everybody knows it, the faster we dig the resources, the sooner it is gone. However, the issue is not about finally running out of oil, which will not happen for many years. What does concern us, and most gravely, is the long downward slope that opens on the other side of peak production. Oil and gas dominate our lives, and their decline will surely change the world in radical and unpredictable ways.

Depletion was real and our production did peak. The peak of production comes broadly when half the total has been consumed. Increasing energy usage and high, though hardly unprecedented, prices at the pump have many Malaysians concerned. For decades, many have looked for the elusive alternative energy source that will allow the entire nation to stop depending on oil and other non-renewable resources."

Prof said, "Mahirah, you ni berbunga-bunga la. Make it simple words and straight to the point. We're not writing a novel, we're working on research".

Now, I know, make it simple. I penat tau Prof, buat ayat nak boombastic bagai. So, a task for today, make it short the writing, straight to the point, and make it easy to readers. Ahaaaa.....

Ini pic masa grad Master. I mengada nak pinjam bonnet aka topi terpenyek Prof, konon-konon in future, dapat jadi macam dia. Tapi seriously macam inspiring me, in future pakai robe macam tu tapi tambah lagi satu line kat tangan and my bonnet. Wallah... AMIN.


Anonymous said...

yer...semoga dapat topi penyek tu juga....kite sah2 dah xdpt pgg phD..dpt mmber pgg phD po kire ok r...tumpang berbangga jugak...

Hanafedora said...

hahahahahahahha...I pun kene macam tu ngan postdoc i..dia kaya i tulis engineering report macam tulis novel..nasib baik i tk buat plot cerita..Dia suruh straight to the point n tkpe guna perkataan tu banyak kali...


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