Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yes I know

I know my blog address do not suits with me at all. Since, I am Puan Mahirah after I got married to my lovey dovey yeh. But, as I change it to me-mahirah or others annoying names, the things becomes so so teribble with nuffnang, gadgets and others since I registered under http://www.missmahirah.blogspot.com/.

Friends, please bear in mind, I'm still a wife to my apple of my eyes *wink*. Don't get wrong. I use the name since I started lecturing my students in uni. Jump to the conclusion, I'm not a future/long-term thinker right? How come I didnt expect to get married in the future and drastically change to http://www.pnmahirah.blogspot.com/ like that. Hahahahaha. But I still remember, when it was the time during my wedding, students came and wish me, "Congrats Miss, eh eh salah, Madam, eh eh janggal la..nak panggil Miss juga". So, Miss is become one of my name. But please please pray hard for my happiness with my partner beside.


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