Thursday, April 16, 2009

15 April 2009

We've been together for a month, yes a m0nth readers! Can you see my smiling broadly spread over my face? *wink*. Husband and wife- it's not easy to put it on the right track, as i can say, for me, so far so good.. ;D. We manage to discuss every single thing,in order to make it easier for us and i'm so lucky to get a husband that's so understandable. How lucky I am. He never change, since our 'zaman bercinta' till now. He still keep calling me from office, 7times a day. Sometimes, I rimas juga.. Hey, do you need to report everything sayang? Even, u've meet your bos or even to tell a gossip spread over your office? Ok, kita boleh discuss kat rumah ;D.

And now, i'm so so crazy in love insanely *double over ok?*. When I get married to him, I know him from top to toe. What's he likes or dislikes. Sometimes his shirts, slacks and stocking lay scattered over the floor. I hate that, we're totally different in that way, because i'm too specific person. But I praised him everyday to do a right thing. I believe, by giving plenty of praise and encouragement, people will motivate. He's easy to handle, he can accept my opinion. Everynight, I ask him, Sayang, do you see any difference in me, before married and after get married? Yes, I see, you're so romantic and a good wife. Automatically, i am so romantic and called him Abang. Past entry, memang selalu cakap I ni ego time bercinta, but it changes when you're get married. You've intention to be good from top to toe since he's legally is yours! So make it everything for him ;D.

I'm fasting today for my 1st month of marriage. *clap clap to myself*. Now I realize, when I got married, we tend to spend together just at home. No more Midvalley, KLCC or Pavillion, hubby said wasting time. We just sitting in the room, talking, gossiping, watch CD, spring-cleaning and many more. It's enough for me since he's in front of me safely.

P/s: Pray hard for my final exam, i desire highest marks macam my past exam juga, so that my hubby will proud of me and keep saying, I know my sayang sangat pandai tapi....selalu cakap tak confident. And for my lovey dovey hubby, reduce your time for playing online games, you're matured enough for that games la sayang..Tak macho langsung ;D


siti norfatiha said...

hehehe..1st thing yg terlintas dalam ruang memori bile tgk kalender arini "ermmm..16 friends dah sambut their 1st month anniversary.."

congrates to you+Juar and adeq+sahar..

p/s: do u think that we should ask nad, aini , adeq, mal n izzerk to create their own blog?

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

kena join, so that bole get along n share stories..jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati ;D

lilylala said...

sy tagged awk!!

izyan said...

huhu..aku amik KPLI la skrg ni..
tukar kerjaya la plak..
tahniah mama.. dah jadi Puan Mahirah skrg. ikut jejak Pn. Norhayati kite..
ko kat Terengganu ek skrg? kalu aku gi Ganu, leh ler jejak kasihan ngan mama kejap.. hehe..


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