Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Self Confidence

Last week, I have attended an international research conference. I present my research as usual. But one thing that it leave a mark in my mind was..... I got a comment from a Professor at Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). He is complaining about my research methodology and confused about it. But still, he said, I'm the one who very confident to convey the message of my research and present it confidently. I do not blame him since he is from different field and it takes time to understand my study.

I couldn't sleep on that night. What is wrong with my research? Supervisory committee never mention or comment about it. I just cant sleep. There is something in my mind.

I have a very low level of self confidence. Seriously. I never think what is the best part of me. What to mention? Nothing. I'm in love in cooking? No. Baking? No. Brilliant? No. Genius? No.

I believe that I just a normal person. Very plain.

But yesterday, it turned my perspectives differently.

I have attended a conference presentation training. We have a task about to tell the audiences, the interesting part of your friend. People who is sitting beside me keep asking, what is the interesting part of me? I cant answer it. All of sudden, I told her, the interesting part of me is.....I passed my PhD Viva Exam 2 weeks ago at 28 years old, I completed my Masters at 24 years old and my Bachelor at 22 years old. 

I never thought the statement gave an excitement to everyone. I never expect it.

The speaker, Dr. Vijay keep saying. "That's attract me, she completed her PhD at 28 years old and give her a big clap".

Yes, I slept last night with different perspective too.

Do not look down at yourself. Never know until you try it and never ever give up.

p/s: Please, i am not an arrogant person but i am building my self confidence.


just azura! said...

i wish to be like you! completing phd before 30..but what can i do, sekarang pun dah masok 29.. hehe,. wish me luck okay!

sayahappyslalu said...

congratulations. U should be proud of yourself! :) Kagum akak

Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Vijay Arora kah? present kat mana ye.Saya pun selalu anggap diri saya banyak kurang, tapi kadang-kadang orang di sekeliling kita memandang kita lebih daripada itu.

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

aju: Insyaallah, all the best. Study ikut Gantt chart, insyaalah still keep on track.

Kak Emy: Thanks so much

Aina: Dr Vijay dr Uni from New Zealand. Dia Malaysia but a lecturer dekat Uni sana, so bila cuti sem, dia mmg dtg and buat conference presentation training for graduate students. Best dia train one by one, and he asked the students present individually and he evaluates it.


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