Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family dinner at Temptations

Morning weekend!!!!

Dua minggu lepas, we decided to celebrate Father's Day and Adam's Birthday at Temptations Restaurant, Renaisance Hotel, KL.

Happy Father's day Papa! U such a good daddy in the world. Over protective, loving, kind-hearted, understanding, caring and the list goes on...... Thanks for everything. Thanks for the 3 years of wonderful years together. Thanks for being there to support me in everything. Thanks thanks darling...

We love u so much.

Back to the restaurant, the ambiance was so nice. Cozy. The food was so great and they range from various countries. Being me, I dont like to try any food which is too alien for me, so that part sangat membazir. We got a good price for that day, about RM60 per person for dinner, normally it costs RM102+ per person. It costed a bomb for me at least, if it charged at normal price. The dinner starts at 6.30pm to 10.30 pm.

Mummy and son.

Papa Azuar

Oh nothing cant explain. He loves chocolate dipped strawberry. Macam Tok Ti haa selera..

 We start with sushi. The taste is not good as Sushi King. Biasa biasa saje.

 Yoong Tau Fu

 Roasted Duck

 Dessert section. I love their oreo cheeese cake and pudding. 

Noodle and soup section


 Food from Malaysia

We enjoy the dinner, borak borak, give some comments but obvious we cant sit peacefully enjoy the meal. Adam is running  around and great everybody and talk to strangers. Mana makan nak aman. Mata asyik melilau.

 Run baby run.

Dancing gracefully hmmm hmm hmmm..

Lepas settle the dinner, paksa paksa Adam makan, kami habiskan masa at the pool. Papa tengah survey a good hotel in KL, he promised hahahahaha, padahal boleh tidur rumah juga kan but stil ngada nak tidur hotel, still in our plan. 

Ececeehhhhh tengah relax konon..

Actually, now I tengah train Adam to take care of his basic hygiene. So I have my own hand spray in my handbag. Tiap kali nak buat something, I cakap kat Adam "spray first!". Dia paham. Oh now suka mengajar dia something new, At this age, he has an amazing sponge brain. Tak percaya, try at your kids, cakap apa apa mesti ikut since dia dah paham terima arahan ni kan...

Adam memang selalu confuse. Then dia pergi lumur at his face. Lumur beria. Ini sebab selalu tengok Mummy buat before tidur. Tak apalah enjoy your learning process son!

We really enjoy the night, then after that heading straight to KLCC. Konon nak beli kasut tapi dah lewat. Then, another good mood turns to bad mood.

Enjoy your weekend darling!!!!

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