Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Husband is so addicted to the GAME.

My husband Ẳzuậr Mahirah is so something. He told me that Nazmi dot dot signed a contract with a Portugal Club at 4 am. Hai ya I dont know him (Nazmi). He loves sharing his interest and hobby which I hate most sometimes. Boring. Boring. But in a bright side, its better he has conversations with me rather than other woman outside kan?

Pa, congrats Chelsea and TRW menang. Seminggu makan luar ok!

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intan_yussof said...

mama....my husband as well! pelik la dieorg ni kan...sanggup stay up...or sanggup bangun pagi2 bute ngadap tv...xcukup dgn tu, siap tengok news psl EPL ni plak (intan xtau ape channel tu)mcm ngadap buletin utama...serius...then layan lagi website...aduyai...my husband bleh hafal almost all da player,sejarah2 dieorg...my husband sokong arsenal...i sokong MU...saje je, nak bagi die bengang...


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