Monday, July 18, 2011

Ph.D Comprehensive Exam

Yes.....akhirnya dah lepas Comprehensive Exam. Lega sangat. Walaupun menjawab haru-biru kan...hehehehe. Bila post pictures in FB, orang salah faham ingat saya dah complete Ph.D. Belum lagi ya tuan-tuan puan-puan. Baru sahaja complete Chapter 1 - 3. Tapi perasaan dah macam half way lah. Dahhhhhh sampai stage ni.

Adam says, "Congratulations Mummy!, Muahhhh"


just azura! said...

congrates to you! even halfway tu dah kejayan besar tu! good luck for another half of your phd's journey!

proactive simpler said... are you?

im proactive.simpler

we are a team of people specializing in how to do research for msc and phd.

would you care to drop by and share your views on the subject ie tips and what not about doing phd?

your insight would be greatly appreciated!

thank you :)


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