Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adam is ONE.

Hi Sayang,

Now you are 1 year old Mummy's lil boy. Cepat kan? After 5-6 times hard pushes, you came out to see the world. 31st May 2010, 5.02a.m. This is where your journey begins.

See, dah penuh space in my womb. I still carry you and sit the final exams. Phewww..

1st day. Mummy still wears the hospital tag.

Tiny baby is 1 week.

Baby swims in the sink at 1 month.

A beauty morning starts when he was 2 months. Dah pandai gelak.

Rolled over his body at nearly 3 months.

Abused by Kak Sara and Kak Nisa at 4 months. Pity little sweetie.

At 5 months.

6 months darling.

At 7 months, merayap merata. Because of you, we get another proper tv cabinet.

By the way, I am helping Mummy with the mess. 8 months.

He is addicted to this "thingy" machine at 9 months.

No longer to sit properly in baby high chair at 10 months. Siap boleh escape from the seat belt.

Papa's little friend for swimming.

Alhamdulillah. Almost 1 year, with new hair cut.

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misha.w said...

happy 1st birthday adam sayang..:)


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