Friday, February 18, 2011

Randomly about friends

Hai, how's your day? I baru rasa relieved sangat sebab dah start draft equation for choice modelling method. Not bad lah. Kalau tak, asyik membatu aje sebab tak tau nak start dari mana.

Today, I'm gonna show you my friends in this lovey dovey gradroom. I selalu cakap I study Phd, but not too specific to mention the course kan? Kata blog is just a place for escapism. But now, I should tell u guys what I'm doing for the hectic years. I'm Mahirah, I'm studying PhD (Natural Resources Development and Policy) in Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Studies, UPM. Argh cant believe I'm suggesting policies to the country. Konon kan. Ke terpaksa?.

Enough about that. They are my friends who stuck in this gradroom in institute. We're going through the ups and downs together in studies.
This is Anita. A friend of mine since my Master studies. Banyak attend class dengan minah ni. Dah nama banyak bersama, moment berdebar bersama pun banyak, nak nak time nak ready presentation. She is under the same umbrella with me, with the same supervisor, Prof Khalid.

This is Ismailmia. He is from Bangladesh and doing Master Science. A nice and friendly guy. He always asks me about online library website, how to get a journal, find a book and many more. But Im happy to help him. Dia kelamkabut sebab tahun depan dah nak balik negara tercinta, so sekarang dia risau la dengan thesis dia.

This is Shammi. She's also from Bangladesh and doing Phd. She's very quite but constantly smiling to everyone. We start our days with "Hai, Good Morning!" everyday.

This is Adam and he's from England. Handsome? Bolehlah. He is our English teacher. I tengok self motivated dia tinggi. Semua bersemangat. Nak proposal defence pun bersemangat.

This is Zie. I banyak minta tolong dengan dia. Maklumlah I benak IT. Manalah I tau guna printer yang besar gedabak tu. Dia lah yang selalu tolong. Zie cantik. tiba-tiba.

This is Nazatul. Dia menumpang kat institute ni. Maksudnya tumpang facilities. A friend of mine since master studies too. Banyak memories toksah cakap dah dengan minah ni. Dia single. Tiba-tiba kena promote.

Kawan-kawan yang lain ada tapi banyak yang tak datng institut ni. They come and go. So these are yang selalu pandang hari-hari. How about your friends in office/school/uni?

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anita said...

mu mmg produktif..tiap2 hari ada jer post bru..heheee


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