Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty Girl Rock!

Currently, I'm listening to this song...

Once I step in office, I'm kinda need a motivation. I mean early morning motivation. Wah, I rasa student Ph.D yang lain pun ada rasa stress jg kan. All the time meet other friends, for sure conversation is surely about our THESIS, even in cafe. Wah... boring kan.. Cant wait to work again! Kakak Ila dah start back pain and migraine because putting too much stress on her VIVA and other presentations and other conferences. Banyak others... plus publish more papers.

Back to the topic, best kan lagu tu. I love the video so much. Its kinda shows a girl power along 50s, 60s,70s,80s and so on. Tak ada idea nak writting thesis, terus buka you tube. Skarang dah stage Research Methodology. Lagi lah strees which one should I use for my empirical model.

He is 6 months now. Time flies just too fast. Rasa macam baru semalam dok meneran nak keluarkan manusia dalam perut. He is still on track, baby development. Macam skrang dah nak crawl. Kadang-kadang I terfikir bila lah turn for the next baby, since Mummy is still studying. And sometimes a bit worried or jealous when looking other friends are adding their 2nd batch. Hahaha. Papa, I'm not ready yet. Tapi, semua tu terserah pada Allah. Anak ni rezeki dan anugerah. Momen dengan anak is the best thing ever, for me lah. It's enough just 3 of us for right now. The 3 of us are sharing the same comforter and lullaby. Mummy tak puas enjoy lagi. Papa, lets we pour all the love in the world to Adam first and topup his insurance.

Ok, bye. Ting! The idea is coming! Idea, idea be kind to me.

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