Monday, March 8, 2010

Hubby and Wifey

Time flies too fast... I'm going to be a mom for a super kid *Insyaallah* and Azuar is going to be a dad in next 2 months. It will change our life drastically. Even I cant remember, the 'tik tok' is ticking is just too fast, I just realize when my tummy is getting bigger and the movement from my womb is too much, then I realize our 'Pride and Joy' cant wait to meet us. The fats and strechmarks are everywhere and even lotion didnt work at all. Pity me..

Parenthetically, it is almost a year of our marriage. Dont talk about ups and downs. It is almost there everytime and it mix together, even it can tighten our relation. You will know the true colors of your partner after it just a month living together. Hate it or leave it? I choose to keep it inside deeply. This is the man that I told my mom to be my side for the whole life. To keep me warm when it is cold, to be my friend, to be a good listener, to be a father to my kids and to console everything..... almost everything.

Abang, you never change. You still kissing me at right and left cheek, and lastly at forehead before leaving me to office. Still calling me from the office 5 times a day, to make sure I'm okay. Abang, you never complain, when I'm ordering you everything..

"Abang, tolong iron tudung sayang" even you're out of time rushing to get ready to office.

"Abang, nak air" even you're on the bed and it was 1 a.m.

"Abang, ambil bantal busuk sayang tertinggal kat bawah" even it was at downstair and you're lazily open your eyes.

"Abang, tolong buka gate" even the key is just 1 metre in front of me and you're 100 metres behind.

"Abang, tolong jemur baju" even you're busy with your online games.

"Abang, tolong basuh periuk" even me, watching tv on sofa lazily.

As always you never complain. But, when my turn;

"Sayang, handsome tak Abang?" showing me your smooth face after shaving and you've new hair cut. I respond," Tak handsome langsung. Biasa je".

It is me, being stubborn and ego all the time. But Abang, no matter what I love you through thick and thin. I accept you as a gift from Allah. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary in advance. May God bless us and may "Pride and Joy" could lighten up our life.

Your Wife,

Stubborn Girlfriend.


nazza_syikin said...

i'm in a third year of marriage - still in adapting phase! hehe!

bagusnya dpt juar yg rajin tu.. bukan sumer laki mcm tu.. my hubby? juz a plain n typical husband.. hehehe! said...

so sweet..=)

Azuar Razmi said...

kak nazza: hehehehe...thanks sbb puji saya!!kembang dah hidung ni..


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