Sunday, May 3, 2009

where have you been for this weekend?

Me myself and hubby can say it's like pretty hectic weekend but really enjoyable.

1) Kak Tasya's engagement.

At last, my lovey dovey Kak Tasya engaged. A big thing that everyone is waiting for. Congratulation!!!! May Allah bless you and Abang Azhar.

A discussion means thousand words and put a new phase in Kak Tasya's life. like tepung gomak!

A must picture to show. People of the day is smiling broadly ;D.

Kisses from hubby and sister. Ok..berlakon nak ambil shot. diam mahirah!

When it comes to eat, never refuse to accept! serious face. ok macamana nak maintain my weight. susah kan?.

2) Housewarming.

This is my first ever house warming. I'm so excited. sangat penat and everything. But it must to have solat hajat and doa selamat, so that me and hubby can sleep well. No more bad imagination or nightmare. I takut ada ju-on *takut*. It just a small ocassion attended by close family and friend.

Ya i know. No furniture. Furniture will arrive by the next weekend since tuan rumah get a plan for the whole next week. So that night was our first night sleep over at my home sweet home. Yes no nightmare. sleep tight. tired. Zzzz.

A friend's visit. Big heart, big thanks. I heart Nadirah. hahahaha ;D

House warming? No. House-chaos.

3) Activities.

Sending mummy back at airport. Exhausted. I need to do everyhing in just one day. get here and there ;(

After that, hubby need a new look for our #@&* next week.

Wash and new hair cut so that no messy. Huh, guna membercard wife ;P

4) Trip.

We need Bali. yeay yeay yeay. After Cameron Highlands, and Port Dickson, after a month of marriage we decide to Bali. Ok I need a good quality of rest for the trip tomorrow.

We pack the basic things that we need for our first ever a long distance journey together.

Dont leave behing the swimming suit. I need to polish up my swimming skill. Masih tidak pandai berenang.


lilylala said...

oh shit..
muke ku sgt bruk ketika mencium mu
sbb hnya lakonan

siti norfatiha said...

mama, sory..xdapat attend house warming mama..keje..=(


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