Sunday, April 5, 2009

Para pelajar ber'ekspo' girang

So, finally this is their final project for my subject.. They did very well. i had no doubt on this. I teruja tengok effort my students yang sangat excited.. Students had gathered and were talking excitedly..ok ok i paham..All of sudden, i teringat juga memory when i'm doing my degree, back to few years ago..Sangat semangat in order to compete with other groups, even i can let go my precious time for sleep ;D *OVER-EXCITED*.

Monday was my big day and on Thursday was their Expo. I really can't concentrate on their business plan since i'm busy with my big day too.. I kan macan kelam kabut sangat, even on Tuesday, I went to class, meet and discuss a few things with them. I was afraid of their business plan projects. So many things in my head, even i can just let go my honeymoon mood, but hubby promised we're going to B$%I *yes, i got the ticket*

On Thursday, they make me smiling broadly, i cant hide it. I enjoyed every minutes of it, but i'm sure, they're too! Good effort, good job, well done and.... EXCELLENT!

Their posters about their own business idea

ok, ok i know, they act like a businessman/woman

An attractive young woman with her attactive posters too!

Haa...It still amazes me how much they have improved. They did everything to make it their booth so so attractive ;D

Welcome visitors! So, a big clap to them ;-)

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