Sunday, March 8, 2009

Azuar's bride-to-be that cant wait for everything

I'm not that kind of show-off, but i'm just too over excited with everything ;D. As Azuar's bride-to-be, you can see my smiling broadly now! Owh..i've to share this with everyone..peeps, i got my very first wedding present a week earlier in advance *wink*.. This is from my lovely friend back to my primary school, many thanks to the lovely present..

The first time I saw this paper bag I was mesmerized by it's beauty *dowhh*.. I said to myself, this is a surprise attack *annoying*. I just can't wait ;D.. Since Ida is working at JENDELA BATIK so there's something from JENDELA.

Attractive box and ribbon captured my eyes today *wink*.

Normally, I wrote this to my friends, but now, this is my turn.... still cant believe with the magic words SELAMAT-PENGANTIN-BARU ;D

I have no patience with this box. So tadaaaaaaaa........

I got few bowls, exclusive from Jendela Batik *wink*. Ida, is that suitable for my house interior collections or it just suit with Juar's soup or porridge? But i love this.... *muahhhh*

Plan for tonite: Marking student's assignments *mission incomplete*

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