Monday, January 19, 2009

A new entry in 2009

Waa....finally i have my very own blog..clap clap to myself *a lil bit annoying* this is my new entry..many thanks to MRFIANCEE, a good start from him..actually, i ask him to do this, to create a blog for me since i'm an out-dated of technology to admit, but at least i have this to share with everybody *saya juga ada keinginan yg tinggi*

Nothing much to say about me in 2009, but a good start for everything, a new phase in my life.
1) already register for my Ph.D in UPM *done*
2) lectures class in UMT *mission incomplete, since silibus byk lg yang nak diajar*
3) i'm getting married *mission is on the way ;D*

Since that, i move back and forth between terengganu and KL, to lecture the class in UMT and to attend the class in UPM..people keep telling me, waa.. awak sungguh rajin ya.. no's all about my ambition and passion, all of sudden energetic feeling comes deep down inside *wink*

Sometimes i feel too tired, but the next day, a new me keep telling me, never give up, irony rite? i starts reading journals, ready the silibus and do the same works everyday, dating time and everything. as i can say, it's need sacrifice.

In the same time, i can't hardly wait for my big day *thunderous clap*..guys, it's round of corner *butterflies in my stomach*'s my day, also my sis day..we share the wedding ceremony, but different solemnization, we have our own..syasya is on 15 march, and me is on 16 march... i've already told my students, sure dorang serbu nanti, makan free. Syasya, we've grown together! yesterday, we shared our night stories, keep the stories safely in our pockets, we laugh together..but we've change in next 2 months *tiada lagi pillow talk but only with our husband to share everything*..but promise me, we're belong to each others..i love you so much sis ;`) i miss those days..keep me safely in your heart.

*kami sedang membesar*


biggirl said...

welcome to the blogger's world...hihihihihi

dah prepare sume ke?

Anonymous said...

wah..cantik blog ni..

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

sgt fancy n colourful, tuan dia dah berpinar mata jg

Azuar Razmi said...

tuan penasihat dia xwat keje dengan baik ni..sbb tu tuan dia berpinar mata...btw, a very nice start for u,my dear...selamat berblog...


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